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St. James Settlement 聖雅各福群會

2005年推行有系統及持續性的「啟藝藝術發展計劃」,以循序漸進及階段式的培訓,推動智障人士的藝術發展。計劃的第一階段以「藝術體驗」為主,為智障人 士提供藝術體驗機會,接觸專項多元藝術,發掘智障人士的藝術興趣;第二階段為「啟藝學苑」,著重提供全面的專項藝術延續培訓;最終階段為「藝術會」,提供 機會予藝術才華出眾的智障人士,參加表演、交流、比賽、展覽會等,並由他們協助推廣智障人士藝術或協助藝術訓練課程。 本會「心飛舞團」正為「藝術會」階段,團員不單接受正規舞團形式訓練,亦積極推廣智障人士藝術及生命教育活動,透過舞蹈作品及享受舞蹈樂趣無窮的過程,智 障人士如「生命大使」,讓大眾可以分享和認識到智障人士在藝術表現上的經驗及潛能,協助建立一個傷健共融的社會,亦從作品中推介欣賞生命、尊重生命及珍惜 生命的訊息。

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Terry Fox Run Hong Kong 2016-2019

The Terry Fox Run Hong Kong aims to continue Terry Fox’s “Marathon of Hope” and keep his aspiration of a cancer-free world alive. Since its Hong Kong debut in 2013, the Terry Fox Run has become one of the key charity events for both Canadians and locals in Hong Kong.

The Terry Fox Run is completely volunteer-organised, with no budget for expenses. All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting cure-oriented, biomedical cancer research in Hong Kong. The event is a 3 km, 5 km or 10 km non-competitive, family-oriented run or walk.

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Terry Fox Run Hong Kong
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Terry Fox
Terry Fox
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Terry Fox HK

LoveXpress Foundation Limited

A non-profit charitable organization named LoveXpress Foundation Limited, their precept is " Know love・Understood love・Express love " . 

By creating a platform to promote social inclusion , we aim at let people from different sectors of society experience love, care for and love others in need.

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Dream for Love

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